vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Challenge #13 Finale

We have our top 3

Melanie, Petra and Kimberly.

They have to face one last challenge,

One basic garment, 3 different outfits.
One day-look, one work look and one evening look.
using different accessories to style the garment.

The finalists have 2 weeks to take pictures.
The sooner they send their pictures, more time they'll have to collect votes.

Most votes on twitter = 1 point
most votes on facebook = 1 point
vote of a judge = 1 point 
Most votes on the blog = 2 points 

The person with the most points will win Project Blogway! 
The winner will be announced on 30th of October.

If you have any question, mail me at project.blogway@hotmail.com

good luck!


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  1. Ik ben benieuwd! :D
    Doet Hannelore van aux pays des merveilles trouwens nog mee?