zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Challenge #2

This is the first round of the real challenge,
every week their will be a winner and a loser.
We also have prices for our dear participators!
This week we have the honor of having a guest judge.
She's one of the leading blogger ladies in Belgium.
Went to Cannes and Firenze4ever,

She choose the theme for this week,
Rock Chick

She'll select her favorite look on 2 july
This person can't get eliminated in challenge #3

But you still have to vote and collect votes for yourself,
the blogger with the lowest votes will be out.


Good Luck!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. & how do we vote or get people to vote? maybe you can place a poll or something.. and the time is limited to 1 week instead of 2 now? or is Sofie just picking her favourite after 1 week already and we have another week to get votes..? EXPLAIN ME :-)

  2. tomorrow their will be a poll online for challenge #1, still don't have all the entries :(
    for challenge #2 you have 1 week and then sofie will choose the winner, but the other people have to collect votes so they won't be out!
    So tomorrow you have to collect votes for a week for this challenge :)
    Hope I explained everything :)

  3. Are you able to participate in the second challenge if you didn't participate in the first one?

  4. Yes please! :D Love this challenge. Much more my natural style than the fifties one.
    I say you should put a poll in the sidebar. Think that's the easiest way :)

  5. @Marijke you can enter challenge #2 by sending an email to but it's a competition so you have to send in a look every week and their will be prices :)

  6. Nice! I'm cerebrating about the next outfit already, hahaa :D