zondag 21 augustus 2011

Challenge #10

I'm so glad to announce the judge of this week and of course the price!

The founders of Swapping are kind enough to give the winner 2 tickets to their swapping party 
this summer.
At the party you can change your clothes for someone else her clothes, by using swapping dots.
While waiting, you can give yourself a treat by letting a professional hairdresser give you a make-over or 
by a make-up artist.

The summer edition will be better and even more fun than the last one.
So ladies try to win the tickets!

The prize doesn't end here, no!
The winner of this week will also receive a make-up gift bag offered by the Swapping team!

So thanks Swapping team!

The theme was picked by the team.

Swapping is a perfect opportunity to go to with your girlfriends,

That's why they picked GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

What would you wear on a dinner, swapping-event or party with your friends?

 Entries have to be mailed to project.blogway@hotmail.com
before friday 26 august at midnight.

Swapping will pick the winner.



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