vrijdag 9 september 2011

Challenge #12

After a little break, ready to get started again!

New week, new challenge.

6 bloggers

Give the best of yourself to get in the top 5.

The new theme is...


The winner will receive a voucher from Avance!

And off course a ticket to the Project Blogway meet! 
and will make it to the top 4

the finale will be played with 3 bloggers, creating multiple looks in different weeks.
By voting, judges and other factors the winner will be picked! 

The entries have to be in my mailbox before friday next week (midnight),
the pictures have to be new.

good luck!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. kan iedereen meedoen of zijn er al 6 bloggers gekozen ? x

  2. Loving the new theme :) Ben benieuwd naar de entries!

  3. Als ik heel eerlijk mag zijn, vind ik de bovenstaande foto's niet heel erg preppy... Maar misschien gebruiken mensen ook andere referentiepunten.