maandag 5 september 2011

Challenge #11 Winner

Dear Bloggers & Readers,

Everybody mailed his entry on time.

Sabina picked the winner quiet fast, the winner popped out.
An eye for detail and she went all the way!

The winner is...

We really liked your location, make-up, hair and clothes!

Everybody did his best to send new pictures as I asked.
the task is to create a picture/look around a theme and not selecting an old picture 
that goes with the theme.
Just to set this clear.

Sabina and I decided that the look of Cindy was the least special and obvious wasn't made with the theme in the back of her head.
We told it to her and off course she understands!
We decided to let the bloggers with new pictures stay because they do their best every week.
They put time and work in the challenges.
I know it's a lot to do on a week to week base.
But I appreciate everything!

I didn't announce the new challenge because you'll get a week off!
To chill and relax.

It's almost time for the final so I want all of you to do the best you can!



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