vrijdag 2 september 2011

Challenge #11 Aux pays des merveilles

Hannelore from aux pays des merveilles

I went with "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain", because i'ts my all time favourite movie.  It might not be the most logical choice if you're looking for fashion inspiration, Amélie is not exacly what you'd call a fashionista.  But the wonderful world she lives in, is very inspiring to me!
On the outfit: I built the outfit around the midi-skirt (because that's a length Amélie often wears).  The black top embellished with pearls was chosen because I think it represents Amélie's quirkiness.  I accesorized the outfit with red pumps and a green ring, referring to the red and green color palette that's used through out the entire movie, and bird earrings (which unfortunately we forgot to photograph), that remind me of the animal paintings in her bedroom who talk about Amélie when she's asleep...

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